Bhakt Prahalad:

The Battle of Faith


‘Bhakt Prahalad’ based on the fabled mythological tale of one of Vishnu’s biggest devotees, Prahalad. Prahalad was born to Hiranyakashyap and Kayadu, an evil king who had been granted a boon that he could not be killed by man or animal, day or night, inside or outside. Despite several warnings from his father Hiranyakashipu, Prahalad continues to worship Vishnu instead of him. His ather then decided to commit filicide and poison him, but he survived.

Holika, the sister of Hiranyakashyap, was blessed such that she could not be hurt by fire.

Hiranyakashyap finally puts Prahalad on the lap of Holika as she sits on a pyre. Prahalad prays to Vishnu to keep him safe. Holika burns to death as Prahalad is unscathed.

After tolerating abuse from Hiranyakashyap, Prahalad is eventually saved by Narasimha, the half-man, half-lion avatar, who kills the king at the entrance to his home at dusk.

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