Raj Kapoor: The One and Only Showman


Raj Kapoor was an acknowledged patriarch of Indian cinema. He was also an extraordinary showman, a lover, an idealist, a sage and a reformer. As a producer, director, actor, editor, composer and storyteller par excellence, his command over the medium led him to produce some of the most watched films anywhere in the world, films that have enthralled generations of viewers. Raj Kapoor didn’t just have perfect comic timing, he had historic timing too. He didn’t just make films; he made the mainstream Indian film audience before the term ‘Bollywood’ was even a glint in a marketer’s eye. Working within the cinematic tradition he inherited, he modified it, added new elements and produced a distinctive, seductively romantic and immensely popular oeuvre. He was India’s greatest cultural ambassador. His films were an ideology – if one can call them that – of emotions and entertainment. He dressed his social concerns and messages with wit, music, romanticism and melodrama and had an uncanny awareness of pulse of the audience. There can be endless debates about Raj Kapoor’s exact contribution to filmmaking, but few can deny that he was greatest entertainer Hindi cinema has ever had. The film was screened during the book launch of 'Raj Kapoor Speaks' in 2017.

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